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Headteacher’s Blog - 17th January 2020

Celebrating The Coleshill Learner

This week we have had assemblies reminding students that the actions they take reflect the person they are.  We believe that all students should strive to be the best they can be and to develop the skills of The Coleshill Learner, as shown below.

The Coleshill Learner Wheel Media Collective

A key aspect of being a Coleshill Learner is taking an active role in ensuring our school community is a place that all of us can thrive in and enjoy. As The Wilson Block reaches completion, we have talked with students this week about respecting and valuing the facilities in school.  We should all be proud of our school environment and do all we can to keep it litter free and looking its best.

Another element of being a Coleshill Learner is being prepared.  This includes being on time for every lesson and having the right equipment.  As we start a new term can I ask you to please work with your child to ensure they are on time to school and have the correct equipment.  The roads around our school are always busy in the morning so please so leave enough time to drop off if driving, or encourage your child to get an earlier bus if they are finding their current one is making them late.  We will be imposing increased levels of sanctions in the coming weeks if students are late to school or lessons, as good attendance and punctuality are the bedrocks of all forms of education and work.

As we continue to work on The Coleshill Learner with our students, there are a range of rewards being given out. I was particularly proud to attend the Year 11 annual awards evening at The Town Hall on Tuesday evening.  This is a prestigious event in which we reward Year 11 students who have been nominated by their subject teachers and also those who have been given special awards.  Congratulations to all the students who won subject awards.  In addition to these awards we were delighted Adam Richardson, Mayor of Coleshill, was able to present Amy with the Wilson Award for her outstanding effort and determination to succeed in Year 11 and Zac with a Special Recognition Award for his resilience and progress.  Ashleigh won my Headteacher Award for her outstanding approach to lessons and study leading to academic excellence; she is a true Coleshill Learner!

In Year 7 we had a number of students this week achieve their Bronze and Silver certificates for completing extra-curricular activities.  These students are well on the way to being Coleshill Learners.

As ever, the week has been full of magic moments.  I have just watched a sensational dance performance from two Year 10 girls. Year 9 have been enjoying reading ‘Lord of The Flies’ with their English teachers. Year 7 have been loving their French lessons and spoke very positively in a student voice session yesterday. In a Year 7 drama lesson yesterday I was amazed by the knowledge of the students about Commedia del Arte, something we used to do in Year 9!  Sixth Form students have been mentoring and teaching Year 11 students in maths and science.  Yesterday I watched a mix of Year 10 and Year 8 students leading an event for primary school children in our Leisure Centre with fantastic leadership skills.

Our students are amazing. Let’s work together to ensure that each and every one of them can develop the skills of The Coleshill Learner, so we can celebrate their success in the future.

 Awards 21  Awards 20

Year 11 Awards Evening

Sports Leadership Academy Students

 Awards 19  Leaders

Year 7 receiveing their Bronze and Silver Children’s University Certificates



On Monday 20th January 2020, 22 Year 11 students from The Coleshill School were invited to a red carpet Awards Evening at the Coleshill Town Hall.

The students were nominated by their teachers for their constant and sustained commitment to their school work and to school life in general.  To congratulate them on their success, each student received a personalised plaque or medal.

Adam Richardson, Coleshill Town Mayor, presented the awards to the students in front of their very proud parents and family members and Jack Chetwynd, Year Leader at The Coleshill School, gave a musical performance.

Mr Smith-Childs, Headteacher commented “We are so proud of our talented Year 11 students.  They all deserve recognition for their hard work and commitment in this extremely important academic year working towards their GCSE exams in the summer.”

Adrian Temple-Purcell, Head of Year 11, commented “What a pleasure it is to spend time with these dedicated hard-working young people. This celebration, with continued hard work, is a prelude to the success our students will celebrate in the summer.”

Awards 21Awards 20Awards 19Awards 2Awards 3Awards 4Awards 5Awards 6Awards 7Awards 8Awards 9Awards 10Awards 11Awards 12Awards 13Awards 14Awards 15Awards 16Awards 17Awards 18

Headteacher’s Blog 20th December  - What a Wonderful Term!

This week I have enjoyed wishing the students a very happy Christmas and congratulating them on all of their hard work this term.  I met the staff this morning, who have been enjoying a treat each of the last 12 working days before Christmas. I thanked them for the amazing job they do, in all of their roles, to ensure that your children get the very best education and care we can provide.

As ever, the Autumn term has been an eventful one.  As I look through our Twitter and/or Facebook pages it never ceases to amaze me the range of activities and events that go on; there is something every day to celebrate.

We have had some trips this term, a vital part of ensuring education goes beyond the classroom. Year 7 went on their residential to PGL and made memories that will last them a life time; I still remember my PGL trip in primary school and that scary walk in Wookey Hole! We have also had trips for Year 11 Geographers to Birmingham and Carding Mill, as well as a visit to MIRA Technology site for our budding engineers and Year 10 going to The University of Birmingham.  There will be lots more opportunities for students to go on trips during the rest of the year with Poland, Paris and many more to come.

I have been particularly impressed with the range of charity events this term, superbly led and organised by our Sixth Form students.  If you haven’t already seen it have a look at our staff version of Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas’, I think this will give you a flavour of the Christmas SPIRIT that has been on show in recent weeks.   We raised over £1200 for Children In Need, which was our main charity event this term. However, we also had a number of other events including a Christmas Fair and Christmas Jumper Day. The Sixth Form also raised money through the McMillan appeal and we sent a room full of food to Father Hudson’s Homes. All of these events make me very proud of the compassion and generosity of the school community.

Our students continue to excel in so many ways.  In STEM we have had ‘The Big Idea’ day, with a number of Year 8 students looking at solutions for the planet. The school production of ‘Alice In Wonderland’ was a stunning success last week (see my review in last week’s blog). Our school teams are on top in many competitions across the region as we continue to lead the way in school games and we are proud of each and every student that gets involved in extra-curricular sport at whatever level; no matter the result.  Our football academy in the Sixth Form is flourishing through the West Bromwich Albion Foundation and we were pleased to welcome two first team players from to talk to our football academy students.

This is my 10th Christmas at The Coleshill School. The first followed a November Ofsted monitoring inspection of the school, which was in Special Measures at the time.  The 10th sees the school with record numbers, a growing Sixth Form and The Wilson Building nearing completion.  I am very happy and proud to work for this school and local community, it is a truly inspirational place to be and the greatest privilege of my life to be leading your school.

I wish you and your families a wonderful Christmas and look forward to sharing more success with you in 2020, the 500th year of The Coleshill School.

Ian Smith-Childs


Pic 1

Pic 2Pic 3Pic 4

Headteacher’s Blog - 10th January 2020

An inspirational start to 2020

A very happy New Year to you and your families, I hope you have enjoyed the festive break.  I love the Christmas period, mostly for the opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends.  It has been great to hear all the stories from students about what they have enjoyed during the holidays as I have chatted with them this week.

I have a very good feeling about 2020.  As we know, it will be a momentous year for the school.  This is the 500th year of The Coleshill School and it seems fitting that it will mark the next stage in its journey as ‘The Wilson Block’ nears completion. We will be celebrating the history of the school and the local community during 2020 and I will keep you updated on planned events. I have had several e-mails from past students of the school who want to come back and celebrate the 500 year anniversary with us and we very much look forward to welcoming them.

On Monday of this week all staff enjoyed an inspirational start to 2020, with our second bi-annual Conference at The National Motorcycle Museum.  This was an opportunity for over 1000 staff from the 14 schools in the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership to come together and hear from a range of speakers. I am sure staff will agree with me that the day was very valuable and provided a real reminder of the important role that all who work in education play in supporting young people and how just one adult can change the life of a young person for the better.

One of these speakers was Musharraf, or Mushy as he prefers to be called.  Some of you may have watched the TV series Educating Yorkshire, which first aired in 2014.  Mushy was a student in Year 11 at the time of filming.  He had a speech impediment that had prevented him from speaking from an early age.  Doctors and other professionals had told his family he would never be able to speak fluently.  This all changed when his English teacher, Mr Burton came up with an innovative way of curing his stammer.  You can watch the clip from the programme here Educating Yorkshire - Mushy Finds His Voice - Full Video HD - YouTube

Now in his early twenties Mushy is a motivational speakers and presented to us for 45 minutes about how he has overcome his barriers and the impact that Mr Burton and his school had on him.  I met him afterwards and talked to him about how inspirational he is and that I have used his clip when working with trainee teachers to get the message across about the magic of teaching.  Mushy serves as a reminder that we, as educators, have one of the most rewarding jobs and that students must have belief that any barrier can be overcome with hard work and determination.



Students at The Coleshill School are really getting into the Christmas spirit!    At the start of December, Year 7 students were given the challenge of completing an advent calendar with a difference – ‘A Random Acts of Kindness’ advent calendar.  Each day they completed a different act of kindness, encouraging them to help others and make a difference to someone else.   

On Friday 13th December 2019, staff and students at The Coleshill School wore Christmas jumpers and festive accessories to raise money for Save the Children.  On the same day,  Sixth Form students put on a Teachers’ Talent Show at lunchtime and students paid 50p each to join in the fun.  They raised an amazing £194 for the Salvation Army.

On Monday 16th December 2019 students held a Christmas Fair and donated prizes for a tombola.  Each of the school’s four Houses chose a charity, they each ran a stall and all money raised was given to their chosen charity.

Jane Oberg, Teacher of English, commented: “Our students have shown such kindness in thinking of others at this festive time.  Save the Children is a great cause and this is our sixth year taking part.  It has gone from strength to strength as students have enjoyed wearing their festive jumpers and accessories.  It was also great to see our Sixth Form students organising an event to raise money for the Salvation Army.”

Jumper 4Jumper 5Jumper 6Jumper 7StaffTalent 1Talent COOKSEHYTalent LANDERTalent maths