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Maths Feast Challenge - Winning Team!

In February 2018, a team of four Year 10 students from The Coleshill School took part the Maths Feast Challenge, a Further Mathematics Support Programme, against 12 schools from around the local area.  Maths Feast is designed to support students in developing their problem-solving skills.

The team of students, Charlie, Sophie, Luca and Charlie, were asked to write an account of their experience and this is what they said:

“Miss Costa took us to Fairfax school to do the Maths Feast Challenge. When we arrived we were all quite nervous.  We did the warm up questions displayed as a word search, which got us in the mood to do maths. Shortly when all the teams arrived, we made our team name B squared (be scared). Then the first round began. It was fairly easy which made us feel less nervous and relaxed, except for Charlie G  because he got an answer right but the mark scheme was wrong!  When the scores came back from the first round we were surprised at how well we had done, especially compared to the grammar school.

After, the second round, word problems, the questions became harder, although we were more confident.  We only lost one mark out of twenty for round 2 round.  We then had a break, and Miss Costa told us that it didn’t matter if we came last, as long as we was having fun, which we were!

Soon we moved onto round three. to make a cube. Finally, the last round came and we found this the most fun as the answer to the previous questions helped with the following question.’

At the end we waited for the results, as they were read out we weren’t expecting very much but were so shocked and thrilled as we came first!.

Laura Costa, Mathematics Teacher commented “We are so proud of our super-talented students.  They enjoyed the whole experience, competing against other local schools, including grammar schools and when the results were announced they were thrilled to find out that they won the competition.  It was well deserved as they work so hard and all enjoy mathematics!” 

Maths Feast Competition Winners