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The Elephant Comes to Town!


On Saturday 22nd September 2018 Mayor Tony Battler unveiled a bronze statue of an elephant on Coleshill High Street.  The CASPER project (Coleshill Art Space Project Everyone Respects) was initiated by Coleshill Town Council and involved students from The Coleshill School who were asked to create a design for the sculpture based on themes relating to Coleshill.

The students’ entries were judged by Mayor Tony Battle and the winning entry was Charlotte’s  ‘Baby Elephant in a Teacup’, inspired by the circus elephant who died in Coleshill in 1910.  Artist and sculptor Peter Walker created the bronze sculpture called ‘Memories flow By’ based on Charlotte’s original design.

On Saturday there was also a display of The Coleshill School students’ artwork in the Town Hall.  As part of Love Coleshill, students were asked to create sculptures for local shops to display.

Mrs Whitehouse, Head of Art commented: “The CASPER project has been a fantastic community project for our students to be involved with, and we are so proud that Charlotte’s winning entry inspired the design of the brilliant sculpture by Peter Walker.  Also, as part of a Love Coleshill initiative, you can see more of our students’ artwork being displayed in the shop windows of local shops on Coleshill High street.”

Charlotte ElephoneSculpturesArtwork 1Shop 2Shop 3