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Weekly News Update - 08/11/2019

Weekly News 8th November:  The Wilson Building has arrived!

I am delighted to announce that, over half term, the Wilson Building has been delivered and we are now entering the next stage of the build project.  I have included some photos to show you how much progress has taken place in just a week!

On Friday 25th October a crane arrived and lorries began to deliver the units which contained our building.  The building was pre constructed at Ashby and Croft’s factory in Nuneaton.  Over the next few days 38 units were delivered and began to be assembled.

1.Before Half Term 2. Craning

The construction site before half term                                  Craning in the units

By Wednesday 30th October photos came through showing over half the building complete. The photos really gave us a sense of the scale of the building and a glimpse to the inside second floor.   It is remarkable how quickly the whole building has come together.

3. Look Inside4. Moving Units

A look inside                                                                                                     Moving units into position

Students and staff have come back to the full building completed and it is quite a sight!  I am sure students are as excited as I am to see the project now becoming a reality.  When complete The Wilson Building will symbolise the next stage in our school’s journey and represents significant investment of £3.4 million from Warwickshire County Council as our school community continues to grow.

After Half Term The Wilson Building

The Wilson Block as it is now

Can I take this opportunity to thank Warwickshire County Council, Ashby and Croft and all those staff who have been involved with the project so far, superbly led by Claire Cheswick Operation and Estates Manager.  I would also like to thank the local community for their support and patience at this time.

I will share more photos with you as the project develops.

Ian Smith-Childs

November 11th 2019