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Antarctic Flags

How The Coleshill School celebrated 60 years since the signing of the Antarctic Treaty!

On December 1st 1959, 12 nations signed the Antarctic Treaty, a document declaring that Antarctica would be off limits to military activity and setting it aside as a place for peace and scientific discoveries. This past December, The Coleshill School’s Year 7 cohort teamed up with the UK Polar Network to celebrate 60 years of this milestone by designing an Antarctic Flag to be flown on the continent. The project coordinated nicely with the pupils Antarctica topic and allowed students to design a flag based on what they have learnt.

Mr Simmons, Head of Humanities, said of the project; “we hoped that by teaming with the UK Polar Network on the Antarctic Flags initiative we gave new generations the opportunity to learn about the Antarctic Treaty and to share, interpret and cherish the values associated with Antarctica!”

In late April, the 5 winning design entries finally got their chance to be flown on the continent at the Rothera Research Station, as you can see in these stunning photographs (attached)

The Coleshill School would like to congratulate all pupils involved, especially the winning pupils as well as the UK Polar Network and the scientists at the Rothera Research Station.

Coleshill 1Coleshill 2Coleshill 3Coleshill 4Coleshill 5aColeshill 5b