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Headteacher's Blog - 22nd May 2020

Headteacher’s Blog – Friday 22nd May

I hope this final blog of the half term finds you well and that you and your family are able to enjoy some of the sunshine during the half term break next week. I want to thank all of our families for their support over the last few weeks and for the messages of kindness. I know this has been a challenging time for many of us but we are all together and here for each other as a community. As I am writing it seems strange to only hear the noise of the diggers and dumper trucks outside my office, when the school would normally be full of noise and activity. Usually, in this week of May, Year 11 and 13 would be well into the exam season, we would be getting ready for all the events of the final half term. There are so many things that we would normally be doing that we cannot.

There is reason to be optimistic though as we look ahead to the future. The building work is almost complete, with The Wilson Block and the new plaza area due to be finished in a few weeks. We are fully staffed for September, with some fantastic new teachers and leaders joining us. The long term future is bright for our school community.

I want to set out what will be happening for remote learning next half term, as this will remain the normal mode of education for the vast majority of students, including most students in Year 10 and Year 12. We are waiting for the DFE guidance for secondary schools and will communicate further plans for Year 10 and 12 after half term.

Year 12

Year 12 tutors will be contacting their students for face to face discussion using MS TEAMs, or a phone call, during the first two weeks back. Year 12 students have been engaging well with their teachers through a variety of online methods. We will looking to put a more structured approach in place for students next half term, with an increased level of remote lessons through either live teaching, recorded lessons or surgery style drop in. There will be further communication for Year 12 families after half term.

Year 10

Every Year 10 student will have a face to face discussion using MS TEAMS, or a phone call, in the first two weeks back. Year 10 students will be beginning their second unit of work, set by their subject teachers via Go 4 Schools and using MSTEAMs to return work; please see Catherine Larkin’s letter from 15th Ma:, Mrs Larkin's Letter - Year 10 Remote Learning. Work packs are available if you do not have access to the internet.

Year 9

Year 9 students will be getting units of work from every subject from June 1st This will work in the same way as Year 10, so please see; Mrs Larkin's Letter - Year 10 Remote Learninig. Students will be set work to develop understanding and then asked to complete a piece of work and return via MSTEAMs for feedback. There are instructions on how to access as follows: How to Get Started with Microsoft Teams  . Work packs are available if you do not have access to the internet. Year 8 Year 8 students should initially continue to use Oak Academy for lessons in English, Maths, Science, History and Geography. Remember that if they login to TEAMs at the time the lessons are on as per the timetable below, there will be a teacher to support if needed.

Year 8

From the week beginning 22nd June Year 8 will be getting units of work from their teachers. This will look different from Year 9 and there will be further communication for Year 8 families nearer the time. Work packs are available if you do not have access to the internet.

Year 7

Year 7 should continue to use Oak Academy lessons, as set out above. There will also be some project based work from their other subjects. There will be further communication after half term. Work packs are available if you do not have access to the internet. Coleshill School You Tube Channel As well as our fabulous Twitter and Facebook pages we have now launched a You Tube channel! This will be used to post videos for students as well as having a training area for staff. On the channel today you can watch a video from the Year 7 tutor team for their students and the first of our weekly assemblies by Mrs Cornell. There is a fun challenge for students and families in the assembly so please take a look https://youtu.be/IMwdFSDZOZ0

Half term arrangements

Please note school is closed to students on Bank Holiday Monday, as no students have booked in. School is open Tuesday to Friday for those children of key workers who have booked in. If you are a key worker and you need your child to be in school please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  At this stage we would not anticipate extra students unless it is an emergency, as we have minimal staffing based on the students who are booked in. Families in receipt of free school meals should have received their vouchers last week, which cover four weeks. Staff and students should all have a rest over half term. Staff will not be setting any work and students are not expected to do any; staff will not be responding to emails. If there is a safeguarding emergency you can contact school reception and you will be put in touch with a designated safeguarding lead.

Take care and stay safe.

Ian Smith-Childs