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Lockdown Love Writing Competition

Wow! We are so impressed with the entries that we have received for the Lockdown Love writing competition. Not only does each story brilliantly explain some of the joys that can be found whilst being at home during lockdown, each story has also been written with great care and consideration.

Every entry sent in has been a pleasure to read. One of them (a wonderful memoir to Captain Sir Tom Moore) even made us shed a tear! Through reading these stories we have learnt about the determination of our students; some have demonstrated their ability to persuade their parents to allow them to have a pet dog (or – as in one case – a pet hedgehog!); some of our students are overjoyed to be able to spend times with their family; some of our students have found some unique and incredible hobbies that we believe will take them very far in life!

Whilst each and every story was fantastic in its own right, we have selected the winners for this week:

The students who came in 3rd place:

Jake (Year 7) Ella (Year 9)

The students who came in 2nd place:

Eleanor (Year 7) Connor (Year 7)

And lastly, the students who came in 1st place this week:

Owen (Year 7) Ben (Year 7)