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Year 7 Numeracy & Literacy Funding

The Coleshill School Year 7 Catch-Up Funding 2017/18

Total catch up budget:



Catch Up Champion TLR Post


A dedicated HTLA who was responsible for planning and implementing a catch up programme for our Y7 and Y8 students, offering reading support and teaching.Reading tests logistics were planned to use data from September 2016 to June 2017 to measure progress across the year.

Interim assessments were used to measure progress throughout the weeks

Plan, co-ordinate and evaluate the intervention for Y7, Y8 and Y9.Intervention will support students across KS3 and into KS4.

Secure lesson for English

The most vulnerable readers in Y7 were identified by the KS2 data and they were provided with a “secure” lesson which focuses on a combination of literacy techniques to improve their English comprehension; this includes spellings, reading strategies, vocabulary work and phonics

Data from Y7 exams and second reading test due April 2018

Secure lesson for Maths

The most vulnerable Y7 students were identified by their baseline and KS2 data in maths; there were 11 students identified in September as being in need of additional support for their numeracy.

Each secure lesson focuses on the PiXL Therapy resources such as multiplications, factors, prime factors, fractions and arithmetic.

The lessons  deepen understanding by looking at probing questions, as well as fluency practice.

Data from Y7 exams will be used to evaluate impact due April 2018

Student withdrawal in Y8 and Y9

Continuing the work from previous years, 12 Year 9 students were identified for further intervention

14 Year 8 students have standardised score of <84They were taken out of lessons for very small group intervention

Year 9 – 9/12 students now returned to lessons for Spring Term 2018

Year 8 – 7/14 students have been returned to their lessons for Spring Term 2018

Read Write Inc

Phonics programme delivered by Catch-Up Champion at tutor time (25 mins) to 9 x Year 7 students with a low reading age.

CPD delivered on 23/01/2017 to English Department to support in class teaching

This will begin Spring Term 2 for the Y7 students who have not made enough progress form secure lesson.