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Year 7 Numeracy & Literacy Funding

Total income received April 2016 £5,000 + £3,166 =  £8,166
Action Description Cost Impact Future Plans
Continuation of Apprentice TAs to L3 maintaining increased capacity for inclusion.

Increase the level of intervention in school for KS3 students in Y7 who are below L4 in maths and English.

TA support in maths since September and groups structures changed for mixed ability teaching.


Maths progress Y7

70% students making some or more progress 


Edinburgh Reading Tests   January / July tests for Year 7 to measure reading progress from September 2015  £100


Toe by Toe  -Precision Reading Intervention   X4 students - delivered by TAs daily 10- 15 minutes daily - 12 week course  


£18.44 per hr

79% students have increased their RA by at least 1 year between Jan 2015 to April 2016

100% improved 1 year or more

75% improved 2 years or more

CPD delivered by SENDco to TAs Assessing reading strategies and how to teach reading resource costs    
ERIC – Everyone Reading in Class   Reading is scheduled for 20 minutes per week in tutor time, to encourage all students to read more.  TAs/ teachers listen to the students read; they also read with and to the students  resource costs



All TA contracts adjusted to enable 1:1 reading sessions

25 students with a RA below 9 yrs had reading strategies analysed and 18 students attended reading sessions - delivered by HLTA/ TA and SENDco (1 hour daily) for two terms.  £7,253 per annum  

79% student have increased their RA by at least 1 year between Sept 2015 to April 2016

Improving confidence scale from student voice

Training students to deliver peer reading in tutor time

TA programme to continue

Student voice to measure confidence
  Approximate Total spend  


Total income received April 2015 £5,000 + £8,166 = £13,166
Action Description Cost Impact Future Plans
Apprentice TAs employed to increase capacity for inclusion and support Two Apprentice TAs were recruited to increase the intervention in school for KS3 students who were below L4 in English and maths. £10,000 p.a.

Withdrawal groups for;

Y7 inference and phonics

Y7 mathematics

Review impact by using data from summer reading tests and levels of progress in KS3 data for students who have been given additional literacy and maths on their timetables.

If this is successful, it will continue next year.


Reading Intervention (20 sessions) 15 students

x2 Students +8 months  progress

x2 Students +6 months progress

x1 Student   +4 months     "

The other students showed no significant increase in their reading age

Literacy Intervention Group (up to 20 sessions) 15 students

0   sub level progress x1 student

1   sub level progress x5 students

2   sub level progress x5    "

3   sub level progress x3    "

5   sub level progress x1    "


Numeracy Intervention Group (up to 20 sessions)  15 students

0 sub level progress x1 student who was absent long term 

1 sub level progress x2 students

2 sub level progress x5 students

3 sub level progress x4 students

4 sub level progress x2 students

5 sub level progress x1 students 


Total Spend £10,00  carry forward to September £3,166

Total income received April 2014 £14,000 - £758 = £13,242
Action Description Cost Impact Future Plans
Accelerated Reader School has bought into the package for use with students to encourage reading and to monitor and assess progress more frequently £3,800

Started Summer Term 2 2014.



Drop Everything and Read

Reading is scheduled for 30 minutes per week to encourage students in read more.  Staff also read during these times to model the importance of it.

Books purchased for book boxes for classrooms for those students who did not bring their own reading material.


Students reading tests in Y7 from September 2013 showed that 17% of cohort were below RA of 10.

By summer 2014, that had decreased to 8% of the cohort.

Expanded in September 2014 to include Y7 and Y8.
Inference Training for TAs from Leicester City Council

Whole staff awareness training on importance of inference and then TAs trained to deliver sessions to targeted Y7 students.

There were 10 students; 6 were PP, and most were below their chronological ages, although they were not weakest, as inference work needs the ability to understand phonics.

£8,000 (not taken from budget)

Student A +.5year

Student B +2 years

Student C + 2 years

Student D + 2 years

Student E + 4 years

Student F,G,H and I showed no significant increase, but their initial RAs were not as low as students above.

The data showed that the impact was greatest with weaker readers and therefore perhaps more suitable for students with lower RA.

We will continue running inference intervention with groups of students in Y7 and Y8.

Total spend £8,166 carry forward to September 2014