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An Introduction from Mr G. Owen

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Welcome to the Sixth Form blog/news page. I will post on here at least every Monday and more often as the occasion demands. It’s not a formal site as such and will not replace official announcements and letters but its intention is to reflect on sixth form experiences and events, to keep abreast of good practice in Post 16 education and to alert students and parents to opportunities now and for the future.

I know students have plenty of work to do in their A level subjects but I have an impassioned view that it is what they do beyond that which can often make the real difference in personal development, employability and fulfilment. So you’ll hear plenty on here about those opportunities.

Just to kick off I’ll mention three of my favourites:

future learn
TED Talks
Reading books


TED talks is an online video library of thousands of talks on a huge variety of subjects. Always interesting, usually challenging and often entertaining.

Future Learn offers free online courses from universities and specialist organisations. I’ve done two so far and several students have taken them up. Have a look – they’re brilliant

Reading books makes a difference.

Have a great 2017!



Week beginning 30th October


It’s parents’ evening for the sixth form this Thursday and I’ve always enjoyed the opportunity to meet parents and try to complete the triangle between home, school and student. It often seems to be the case that parents back off a bit at Post 16 but, for me, it’s massively important that they keep abreast of what’s going on especially at the beginning of year 12 where so many new things are happening.

We’ve collected data recently on all our students and it always gives us a good starting point for having a conversation. One of the best of these conversations was a year 13 student asking to talk to me about his targets because he felt that they were too low. I was really happy to talk this through and agreed that we should raise his targets to a more aspirational level, something I’m always more than willing to do. That’s one of the difficulties of using broad national data sets to deal with individuals but as long as we remember that the individual can always buck the trend then we’re ok.

The first university offers are coming through for year 13 and it’s always great to see the students’  reactions when they get their first one; it makes the prospect much more real and usually spurs students on to make sure that they get the required grades. From time to time Universities give out unconditional offers (ie you don’t need to get anything beyond basic passes) and one of our students has one of these from Nottingham Trent for a degree in Law. They can be a mixed blessing but most students I know who have received one of these tend to relax and get great A level grades anyway.

We’re also planning our Sixth Form Open Evening at the moment – it will take place on Thursday 16th November at 6.30pm.  We already have the biggest sixth form in living memory and expect to recruit at least another 80 students into next year’s year 12 cohort. Exciting times ahead so spread the word about the great deal students get here in the sixth form.

I’m also looking forward to meeting with the senior student leadership team this week. They have some great ideas on how to make the student experience at Coleshill even better with some unique enrichment experiences on Wednesday afternoons. Watch this space.