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Student Voice

The student House council was launched in the Autumn Term, after elections were held in each tutor group. Thus we now have a democratically elected student body to represent our students. There are four House councils – one for each of our Houses – Beauchamp, Dudley, Greville and Newburgh. The council meets every two weeks to discuss whole school issues which are fed back to the School leadership team. 

An example of what happens at each meeting is given below:-


Beauchamp House Council Meeting –Thursday 16th March

Today representatives of the House Council wanted to talk about the Comic Relief and want it means to them.

The team talked about how they perceived it, the fact that it helps to support good causes and still maintains that ‘fun factor’ element.

Comic relief was launched 30 years ago, and has raised over 1 billion pounds for the charity. All types of people from Celebrities to everyday people give their time and effort to raise funds. In our meeting today Beauchamp House wanted to do something to raise awareness of the poverty around the world. The students would like to watch success stories of what  the money has been spent on, they also came up with suggestions for what they can do on the day, So watch this space and keep looking on our school website!

Beauchamp House Council


Student Voice – Team Dudley.  We do exactly what it says in the title – we ensure that the students in our tutor groups get their say and that their voices are heard.  Our sixth formers chair our meetings and each representative from each tutor group join in with the discussions.  A recent discussion  topic was how removing the bell from changeover lessons has made a massive improvement on how we  can move around the school.  The most recent meeting was obviously to discuss how we could make money for Red Nose Day.  Thanks to the organisation of the Student Voice across all of the houses we raised well over £900.  Well done Coleshill School.



As part of the House Council, we get to decide on the future of the school and have our say. It helps us to develop leadership and communication skills. We have the confidence to speak to people outside of our normal day and  share opinions. We also get to support the House charity.

Greville House Council


Through the Newburgh House Council meetings we are able to gather everyone’s opinions to try and improve our school.  We give everyone an opportunity to speak and share any issues they have.