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Children's University

Here is the official video of our students at the CU Graduation ceremony kindly produced by a student society at Warwick University - BFT Productions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHww915R2R4  


We aim for all of our Year 7 students to be enrolled in the Children’s University. This is an exciting project that reflects our vision of students learning beyond the classroom and aspiring for excellence.

The programme is coordinated by Miss Blunt assisted by four Year 8 and 9 student leaders, who have already shown clear leadership skills -

Beauchamp House- Charlotte Vervoort
Greville House - James Halliday
Newburgh House - Leo Francom - Gladders
Dudley House - Ben Mattey

The children are introduced to the programme at the start of the year in an assembly and are always excited about the chance to get stamps for after school activities, as well as other activities that they can complete outside school. The programme for activities for 2016-17 is as follows.

Gardening club
Technology STEM club
Art Workshops
Poetry workshops

With all of these activities on offer in school, every student should be able to complete 30 hours of ‘study’ in their chosen specialism. This will allow them to graduate with a Bronze award at the end of year 7. Some students may go even further and go for Silver (60 hours) or even Gold (100 hours). So if your child is about to enter year 7, log on to www.childrensuniversity.co.uk  and encourage them to get involved! This year the 2017 Gold Graduation will be taking place at Birmingham University. 

ChildrensUni Graduation