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Starting Year 7



Y7 Website

We asked our current Year 7 students some questions about their time in Year 7 so far and any advice for the new Year 7s coming up in September:-

 Question:  What have you enjoyed most about being in Year 7?

  • Meeting new people; learning new things and experiencing an new journey
  • Having different teachers for different subjects
  • More activities after school
  • My teachers and my classes
  • Being in a new school
  • Doing PE and Maths
  • The food

 Question:  Any advice to new Year 7s?

  • Be prepared and organised
  • Do your homework
  • Be punctual 
  • Try your best in everything
  • Just ask someone if your lost and don't be shy
  • Look out for your friends and others
  • Don't be scared
  • Check your timetable
  • Listen to the teachers
  • Have all the right uniform 
  • Have the right equipment
  • Don't be late

 Question: What do you least enjoy about being in Year 7?

  • The amount of homework
  • Being worried when i first started
  • The busy dinner hall
  • Going up all the stairs

 For further information about joining Year 7 please contact:-  Mr Chetwynd, Head of Year 7, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.